Bloom Lindsay retirement community activities

Bloom Lindsay has a schedule of activities that aims to ensure that its residents are active and engaged, providing ample opportunities to create new relationships and socialize.

Whether you enjoy sports, cultural events, art, music, outdoor pursuits, social gatherings, or simply taking time for quiet reflection, there are plenty of options available to help you feel happier, healthier, and more connected in life.

All residents have access to the pool and spa, and there are different rooms available for various activities such as movie screenings and board games. Additionally, residents can enjoy the property’s courtyard for a walk and fresh air.


Be active and enjoy life more

Bloom Lindsay provides a variety of activities for its residents, both indoors and outdoors, all at a comfortable pace that can be easily maintained.
The daily activities offered at Bloom Lindsay are listed below.
Learning activities

Library • Various classes and workshops • Cultural outings

Physical activities

Aquafit • Swimming • Group fitness • Yoga and stretching
• Walking clubs • Line dancing 


Bocci • Bridge • Bingo • Beanbag toss • Movies • Card games
• Board games • Gardening and community outings

Art and musical activities

Choir • Painting • Drawing • Crafts • Events and celebrations

Online Activities

Exercises • Games • Arts • Culture • Nutrition • Social

Bloom Lindsay is your community.

Any activity suggestions you might
have are always welcome!