Bloom Lindsay retirement community services

Bloom Lindsay is dedicated to offering excellent services that contribute to the safety and happiness of its residents, enabling them to enjoy life to the fullest. The services rendered at Bloom Lindsay are delivered by compassionate and attentive professionals who aim to enhance your comfort and overall well-being.

Some of the services we will provide are listed below.

Safe environment

Selecting a retirement community that prioritizes safety is crucial. It provides a sense of reassurance to have access to experienced staff who can assist with minor issues or deliver care in the event of more serious situations.

The Bloom Lindsay retirement community fulfills all the certification standards established to guarantee the security and well-being of seniors.


Your taste buds will thank you
Our chefs are passionate about creating nutritious and tasty meals. They work alongside professional nutritionists to come up with creative and inspiring dishes for each season.

We frequently update our menus to offer a wide range of seasonal options. Our dining rooms have table service and provide an ideal setting to socialize and meet new people.

If you prefer to dine in the privacy of your own space, you can order one of our chef’s meals to-go and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

Healthcare and assistance

Because every resident has unique needs
Our healthcare services and assistance encompass everything from occasional supervision to thorough monitoring, all delivered with compassion and kindness.
Our ultimate goal is to deliver top-quality care that prioritizes your well-being and security.
Attentive medical staff available 24 hours per day
Confidentiality assured
Help with getting around and getting dressed
Medication management
Respite and short-term stays
Follow-up for results of your tests done by our medical team


Nothing makes you feel better than
a clean and tidy home!
The housekeeping team is committed to ensuring that your living space is tidy and clean, enabling you to focus on your preferred activities, with the assurance that your suite will be spotless upon your return.

According to your needs, you can have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service.

Laundry service

Pamper yourself
We can take care of washing your bed linen, towels, and clothing. This is one less chore for you to worry about, allowing you to focus on the activities you truly enjoy.


The joy of independence.
The assurance of safety.

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you can get around on your own schedule. That’s what Bloomauto offers. It’s a car-sharing service that’s absolutely free. What this also means is that you no longer have to have your own car, if you don’t want to (cars do represent a significant expense if you’re not using them a lot). All Bloomauto vehicles come with a GPS system and safety features, for your peace of mind. 

Volunteer drivers are often available if you’d prefer not to drive yourself. 

Multi-Service Centre

How convenient!
The Multi-Service Centre provides a variety of services offered by qualified and certified professionals, eliminating the need for visiting several clinics or offices, allowing you to save time.

The following services are provided in the comfort of the Bloom Lindsay community:
Foot care
Dental care